Mobile Patrols

Four Minds Mobile Security Patrols, we’re here to safeguard your property from threats like break-ins, vandalism, and unexpected issues like leaks
We offer budget-friendly security patrols with random site checks and rapid alarm responses, providing you with comprehensive coverage. Let us handle security while you focus on your core business.

Our Services

Conduct Random Patrols

We are committed to providing tailored patrols, available day and night or as a combination, to adapt to your specific security requirements. Your safety is our priority.


Alarm Responses

Your business's protection is ensured through our meticulously planned alarm response process guarantees your business's safety Your security is our top priority


Safety Signage

we offer a diverse range of protective measures to ensure your peace of mind. From on-site security personnel to cutting-edge surveillance systems, we've got you covered.


Remove Trespassers

We provide flexible patrol scheduling, Our patrols are customizable for day, night, or a blend of both, to your preferences, ensuring 24/7 coverage to align with your needs


Escort Services

Count on our security company for a full spectrum of escort services, whether you need personnel safely guided or vehicles securely transported.


Ensuring everyone has left the Building

Our dedicated patrol team conducts thorough checks to confirm that the premises are cleared of all personnel


Our Alarm Response

Standard Patrol Option

As a part of our comprehensive mobile security patrol options, we provide a standard patrol service that guarantees a consistent level of security for your business. This service is fully adaptable to meet your unique needs, offering the same frequency of patrols each night, with the flexibility to choose from External, Semi-Internal, or Internal inspections. By design, this approach eliminates predictable patterns that could be exploited by potential intruders. Our unwavering dedication is to maintain the safety and security of your property through our expertly coordinated mobile patrol service.

Internal Inspection

Our comprehensive mobile patrol service involves a detailed inspection of your premises. Our skilled mobile security patrol officers are equipped to perform thorough assessments tailored to your specific requirements and security priorities, whether it’s a comprehensive walkthrough or a focused examination. This encompasses a wide range of areas, from office spaces to factory floors and warehouse zones. Beyond detecting potential intrusions and threats, our officers also act on your behalf to verify the proper functioning of security systems, including the activation of intruder alarms. This multi-faceted service provides an additional layer of security to ensure the safety of your property and assets

Semi-Internal Inspection

Our semi-internal inspection service, an integral component of our mobile security offerings, bridges the gap between a full internal inspection and an external check. Conducted by our mobile security patrols, a semi-internal inspection involves entering the premises through the gate and conducting a thorough perimeter walk without accessing the interior of the building. This approach allows us to identify any irregularities or potential signs of intrusion in the external areas of your property, while maintaining the privacy and boundaries of your building’s interior

External Inspection

Our security patrol service entails our dedicated Patrol Officers conducting meticulous inspections of your exterior premises. We meticulously examine all potential entry points, encompassing exterior doors, windows, fence lines, and gates. This thorough inspection is an essential component of our mobile patrol service, aimed at ensuring that no unauthorized entries or signs of intrusion have taken place. With this diligent scrutiny by our experienced Patrol Officers, you can rest assured that your business is safeguarded against external threats.

Combination Patrol Services

Our cutting-edge mobile patrol security solution presents a formidable barrier against intruders through the integration of multiple inspection methods. By strategically altering the frequency of visits on different nights, we effectively erase any patterns that might be detected by would-be intruders, rendering our approach highly unpredictable. This amalgamation of patrol tactics not only fortifies the level of protection for your property but also greatly bolsters your overall sense of security.With this combination patrol service, we reinforce your peace of mind and provide a secure environment for your valuable assets and premises, setting new standards in comprehensive security